Traditional Japanese Kimono Family Photos

We specialize in traditional Japanese-style photos.

Japanese people usually take these to celebrate their growth milestones wearing kimonos as infants (“Omiyamairi”), and at ages 3,5, and 7 (“Shichi-Go-San”) at a Shinto shrine.

It’s common for people to refer back to these photos throughout their lives, similar to how Americans refer back to their infant photos and wedding photos.

In Japan it’s also tradition to take kimono photos at age 20 at a special ceremony (“Seijinshiki”).

We help Japanese families in the US take these important photos to continue these traditions! Of course, we welcome people of all backgrounds to participate as well.

We’ve heard from our many clients over many years that our service is distinguished by our large kimono selection and skills for dealing with fussy children, kimono dressing, makeup, hair styling, and professional photography in our studio.